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About AIMA

Ayvalık International Music Academy (AIMA) has been instrumental in educating young musicians and contributing to Turkey’s culture and arts scene for the last 25 years. Founded as "Ayvalık International String Instruments and Chamber Music Masterclass" in 1998, AIMA has since grown into a full-fledged organisation with various masterclasses that have set a precedent for others in Turkey, a Festival Orchestra initiated with musicians that have gone through AIMA Masterclasses and begun their careers in various local or foreign orchestras or those who have gone on to further their education in various conservatories, and a Music Festival that brings young and experienced musicians together and allows them to perform in various venues of historical importance ranging from an old town-square to a restored Greek Church.


In January 2011, AIMA was incorporated into Ayvalık Foundation for Culture and Arts (AKSV) for a more professional management approach.

Through the years, AIMA/AKSV has organized,


   * 98 Masterclasses in which more than one thousand gifted music students have had the chance to study with world renowned virtuosos and instructors,

   * 7 Workshops,

   * 8 Festivals,

   * Countless winter and spring concerts and conferences.


AIMA is one of the pioneers in its field in Turkey. Prof. Filiz Ali spearheaded the first years of AIMA with a very modest budget and very limited resources. Ever since, AIMA has been reliant on volunteers, individual and corporate benefactors and operated independently.

Documentary commemorating AIMA’s 20th anniversary, Two Hands for a Sound, is available online at:

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